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Mike Gunn is one of the UK’s top stand-up comedians. You might well have seen him on TV in shows such as The Comedy Store, Live At Jongleurs or Harry Hill’s TV Burp. You might have, but you probably didn’t. You might have seen him in any one of countless TV appearances he’d rather he’d never made. They were probably the ones you caught; channel-surfing aimlessly at half past three in the morning and staring at some obscure cable station, wondering what the bald bloke was talking about. You were probably too pissed to care…

This is what Mike Gunn does best. Knocking audiences dead in the world’s greatest comedy club. Live, on stage at The Comedy Store, he storms through forty-five minutes of the funniest stuff you’re ever likely to hear, and tackling everything from the Middle-East crisis to why some people should never be allowed to have children, he’s guaranteed to upset almost everyone.

Are you turned on by pigeons? Mike Gunn is. Have you ever said the wrong thing to a disabled driver, pissed off a lesbian or discovered that golf can be fatal? These are things that Mike Gunn does on a regular basis and now he brings the gift of these experiences to you, each lovingly coated in the healing balm of laughter.

Hairy babies, trying to knock off your elderly parents, sleeping with hookers that you didn’t order. You’ve probably realised by now that this is NOT a Joe Pasquale CD. But that’s only the start of the good news. After some of the funniest stand-up you’re ever likely to hear you can forget your troubles. We promise. You simply won’t care any more. It won’t seem to matter that you can’t form a relationship, or that nobody likes you and that you have no money. You’ll be pissing yourself so hard that it won’t matter. You’ll be reduced to a gibbering wreck, lying there with tears of laughter running down your cheeks, helpless on the floor in your heavily soiled underclothes.
To save on laundry bills, the makers of this CD recommended that you listen to Mike Gunn’s material stark naked. In fact, Mike Gunn would prefer it that way.

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