August 31

Best thing I have ever done


I completed Mike’s 8 week comedy course and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. I have never been on stage or performed in my life, and after 8 weeks I performed a full set I had written myself in front of 350+ people at the Backyard Comedy Club.

It is also worth taking into account I had to miss 2 sessions, so within 6 weeks Mike took me from a bumbling mess to a stand up comic. He is not about theory or telling you what to do – the best thing he did for us was throw us all in the deep end and “just do it”.

Mike is a fantastic teacher – he is very straight with feedback but if you listen to his advice and take it on board, work on new material and come back the next week and try it I guarantee you will pick it up quickly.

If you are thinking of doing the course, it is worth watching Mike’s material beforehand as you will see just how good he is – when he compèred at our final event I could not stop laughing at his sets.

On top of this, Mike is a genuinely great guy and once it’s finished you’ll miss his classes.

Thanks again for all your help Mike!


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