August 23

When stepping into the realm


When stepping into the realm of stand-up comedy, apprehensions are natural. But the six-week course I recently completed under the expert guidance of Mike Gunn at The Comedy Store eliminated any initial fear and replaced it with newfound confidence and skill.
From the moment I walked in, there was an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm that was infectious. It was clear that every participant was there to learn from a master, and Mike Gunn certainly didn’t disappoint.
Gunn’s teaching methodology is refreshingly intuitive and hands-on. His robust understanding of the stand-up genre is matched only by his ability to impart that knowledge in an accessible and engaging manner. Each session balanced theoretical instruction and practical work, comprehensively understanding comedy writing and performance. By dissecting elements like timing, delivery, and narrative structure, he armed us with the tools to craft and deliver a winning comedy routine.
Throughout the course, he fostered an environment that encouraged open communication, constructive critique, and camaraderie among participants—resulting in not only individual improvement but also collective growth. There was never a moment where we felt intimidated or unsure; instead, there was a refreshing sense of learning and exploration.
The highlight was the opportunity to perform live, which added a whole new dimension to the learning experience. It transformed our theoretical inputs into practical experience, which I found invaluable.
Nestled in the historic Comedy Store, the course emanated an inspiring aura. To learn at a venue that has served as a platform for so many comedy legends was both humbling and motivating. It instilled in us a profound respect for the craft we had chosen to pursue.
From perfecting punchlines to crafting compelling narrative arcs, Mike Gunn’s course was the ideal platform to learn and develop stand-up comedy skills. It melded intense learning, practical experiences, and bottomless laughter.
In summary, if you’re looking to master the art of stand-up comedy or are just keen to explore this fascinating artistic expression, Mike Gunn’s comedy course at The Comedy Store is the perfect investment. For its invaluable lessons, nurturing environment, and practical experiences, I wholeheartedly give this course a stellar five-star rating. It is a spectacular comedic journey that transcends beyond just being a course—it becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Kind Regards, Angela Kay Miller


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