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Comedy Course


You hear it all the time……that you’re the funniest one in the office, the life of the party, that you should be a stand-up comic. Well now The Comedy Store is giving you a unique opportunity to become just that.

Starting in 2019, we’ll be running a 6 week course to teach you everything you need to know about the art of stand up. You’ll learn how to deliver precision punchlines, engage audiences and strike down hecklers like a true professional. Your teacher and mentor on this journey will be circuit veteran and McIntyre’s Roadshow alumni Mike Gunn who has seen it all in his 20+ years as a stand up. With his vast stage experience, Mike will be able to help you hone your timing, perfect your mic technique and teach you the secrets of constructing hilarious jokes & stories.

Aimed firmly at beginners, this course could be the platform you need to escape the hum-drum of the office job and become a comedy star in the making. The course ends with a showcase at The Comedy Store, open to the public, where each student performs five minutes in front of an audience. Students will also be given 20 tickets to the final event….either to give to family and friends, or even to sell! That’s right… could sell tickets to the final for £12.50 and recoup the whole cost of the course.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve always thought you were funny and now’s the chance to prove it. Greatness awaits……

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Too many of us stop ourselves from trying because we might fail, failing is ok – none of us could get the punch line right on week one and we all ended up with 5 mins of material that made everyone laugh. If we hadn’t been brave enough to take that plunge we would never have known our potential. Read More



A fantastic experience

Before I started this course I arrogantly thought to myself ‘you can’t teach comedy’. Weeks of practicing, feedback and tips later I performed to an audience of 300 people laughing. More importantly, I performed with a different opinion, comedy had been taught. Mike can explain why a joke is funny, isn’t funny and will suggest different angles for you to try for next weeks practice. I learned new techniques for writing and discovered a voice I wanted for my comedy. Mike possesses what I consider the most valuable traits for what makes the ideal teacher. He’s knowledgable, has a passion… Read more “A fantastic experience”

Mark J Winter

Thoroughly enjoyable

Completed a comedy course with Mike and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Mike’s blend of skills, experience and down to earth nature helped the whole group find their style and absolutely smash the event itself and it was a great night out for my friends that came along. As well as doing the course for myself and helping me gain confidence on stage as a comedian it has introduced me to a fantastic group of people that were my fellow students of whom I am very grateful to have met. If you’re reading this sitting on the… Read more “Thoroughly enjoyable”

Ross Norman

10/10 would definitely recommend

I took a comedy course with Mike as the teacher and ended up performing a set in front of 200 odd people!! Mike taught me everything I didn’t know that I didn’t know about comedy. He breaks it down into ways you can easily understand and his teaching methods helped every single person on the course…no comedian left behind. Also always willing to listen to any concerns you might have and give you some one on one advice before and after class. 10/10 would definitely recommend

Conrad Wilson

Thoroughly recommend working with him

Mike has been a phenomenal teacher of comedy. Obviously passionate about what he does, it’s no exaggeration to say he can turn you from complete novice to having the confidence to kick in and perform in front of a room of people. I think for sure he was at his most helpful when being to explain (without being a dick haha ?) why a joke wasn’t working and what you can do to switch it up which brought a whole new perspective. Would thoroughly recommend working with him!

Craig Butler

Extensive experience in comedy

Having not ever done any stand up before, Mike has helped me and the rest of us, gain the confidence to stand up in front of a bunch of strangers and speak our mind. The personal, constructive notes he gives will help you get better and better. His extensive experience in comedy becomes apparent as soon as he starts teaching. Whether you’re dyslexic, autistic or whether you reckon you just have nothing to say, Mike’s got ya back. Thanks Mike!! x

Marco Ting

Best thing I have ever done

I completed Mike’s 8 week comedy course and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. I have never been on stage or performed in my life, and after 8 weeks I performed a full set I had written myself in front of 350+ people at the Backyard Comedy Club. It is also worth taking into account I had to miss 2 sessions, so within 6 weeks Mike took me from a bumbling mess to a stand up comic. He is not about theory or telling you what to do – the best thing he did… Read more “Best thing I have ever done”

Will Slack

He’s a legend

It’s no easy feat to try your hand at stand up, no matter how funny you think you may be. Deciding to put yourself out there can be daunting but Mike provides an encouraging, challenging & fun environment to figure out what is funny, makes you funny and hone it all into an act. He helps you find your unique voice and get you match fit for performance. If you’re scared about giving it a go, I can’t recommend Mike’s course highly enough – he’s a legend!

Sarah Taylor

Can’t recommend enough

It was great to get the benefit of Mike’s experience. He was patient, very informative and I learned a lot. It’s a testament to Mike’s teaching that everyone from our course performed to the best of their ability at the final performance despite us all being a bag of nerves just a week or so earlier. Can’t recommend enough.

Hywel Roberts

Life changing and fun!

When I started the course I honestly didn’t think I’d be funny or confident. Mike’s patient and open teaching style gave structure and understanding to the enigma of stand-up! Life changing and fun! Thanks Mike x

Bailey Johnson

Amazing teacher

Mike is an amazing teacher! I never thought I’d be able to step out onto that stage, but by the end I was confident and ready for stand up!!

Daniel Pike

A true master in the business

You will learn invaluable techniques from a true master in the business…

Gino Gattsby