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Comedy Course


You hear it all the time……that you’re the funniest one in the office, the life of the party, that you should be a stand-up comic. Well now The Comedy Store is giving you a unique opportunity to become just that.

Back by popular demand, we’ll be running a 6 week course to teach you everything you need to know about the art of stand up. You’ll learn how to deliver precision punchlines, engage audiences and strike down hecklers like a true professional. Your teacher and mentor on this journey will be circuit veteran and McIntyre’s Roadshow alumni Mike Gunn who has seen it all in his 20+ years as a stand up. With his vast stage experience, Mike will be able to help you hone your timing, perfect your mic technique and teach you the secrets of constructing hilarious jokes & stories.

Aimed firmly at beginners, this course could be the platform you need to escape the hum-drum of the office job and become a comedy star in the making. The course ends with a showcase at The Comedy Store, open to the public, where each student performs five minutes in front of an audience. Students will also be given 20 tickets to the final event….either to give to family and friends, or even to sell! That’s right… could sell tickets to the final for £12.50 and recoup the whole cost of the course.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve always thought you were funny and now’s the chance to prove it. Greatness awaits……




Next Course Starts JANUARY 2020

(Sessions run on Sundays 11:30am to 1:30pm, unless otherwise stated)

12th January
19th January
26th January
2nd February
9th February
16th February

LIVE SHOWCASE (open to the public)

23rd February 1:30pm to 5:30pm


Don’t just take Mike’s word that he’s a fantastic teacher, below is some feedback from previous graduates



Too many of us stop ourselves from trying because we might fail, failing is ok – none of us could get the punch line right on week one and we all ended up with 5 mins of material that made everyone laugh. If we hadn’t been brave enough to take that plunge we would never have known our potential. Read More



Mike Gunn Comedian
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Kenneth Moore
Kenneth Moore
Why can’t yes just be enough?
Gemma Barrett
Gemma Barrett
A huge Thankyou to Mike - Genuinely insightful, creates a fantastic atmosphere and also happens to be rather funny.... Thoroughly recommend!read more
Merry Red
Merry Red
Fantastic teacher! Created a very relaxed environment for newbies to stand up, and gave very direct feedback which was... incredibly helpful. Would definitely recommendread more
Melissa Jacob
Melissa Jacob
I cannot recommend Mike’s course enough! After 8 weeks of classes and laughs, I can confidently say that I’ve gone... from obsessively watching standup to actually performing a stand up comedy routine. Mike is very knowledgeable and he really pushes you to try and learn by doing - which is by far the best way I’ve learnt anything! Thank you, more
Grace Viccary
Grace Viccary
What a ride we had for the last 8 weeks with Mike Gunn, Very clear teaching, great fun, funny guy, took us through the... steps to do a 5 minute set at the end of our course, and not one of us failed. Couldn't reccomend highly more
Lucas Nutkins
Lucas Nutkins
A darkly funny man and a great teacher - it was a pleasure being mentored by Mike over the last 8 weeks in the run up... to my first ever (moderately successful) stand up gig. I cannot recommend him more
Oli Shilling
Oli Shilling
Just completed 8 weeks of training with Mike. Feel very privileged to have learnt from him, he has tons of experience.... Gives great support and feedback, across lots of different styles of comic. Obviously, he's also very funny to be around and learn from. Thanks a lot Mike, it's been a great more
Jenn Perry
Jenn Perry
Mike is a fantastic teacher - supportive, honest and incredibly knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone that... wants to take the plunge into stand up comedy, Mike's classes are excellent and great fun!read more
Frances Elizabeth Clifford
Frances Elizabeth Clifford
Hysterically funny, amazing! Had us all roaring with laughter, couldn’t recommend enough.
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris
Just finished Mikes Beginners Comedy Course, had a great 6 weeks of friendly fun classes, then one of the best days of... my life, performing on stage at the comedy store! Listen to Mike, up your comedy game whatever your more
Suzie Kennedy
Suzie Kennedy
If you have always watched stand up and thought , I could do that, get on one of Mike Gunns courses . He will get your... straight up and on stage , take you through the process of an identity , your stage presence and helping you put form to your jokes . He is honest but kind and in those 6 weeks if you listen and take advice will turn you into a stand up with a 5 minute set you can then use to start your journey into comedy by having a set for open mic nights Can’t recommend enough. And if you don’t want a career as a stand up the course is still worth doing for a confidence booster , great fun and awesome peopleread more
Tiffany Trethowan
Tiffany Trethowan
Beginners’ Comedy Course with Mike Gunn Mikes undeniable expertise and charisma make you feel at ease instantly. He... encourages you to get up on stage straight away which increases your stage presence tenfold. Comedy Store - ‘a serious night out.’ If you take the course seriously, there is a chance others will too, as it’s great for your experience and comedy portfolio. If you’re doing it to try something new, a confidence boost etc. It’s an unforgettable experience that not many can say they’ve done! As soon as I saw Mike was running the course and the showcase was at The Comedy Store, it was a no more
Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell
I recently did Mike's comedy course at The Comedy Store, London which I enjoyed immensely and found highly instructive.... Apart from being a great teacher who gives useful feedback, he also happens to be very more
Jen Smith
Jen Smith
This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Genuinely life-changing. Mike is such a fantastic teacher. He... gives completely honest feedback, but in a way that you really appreciate. Take everything he says on board, and you’ll definitely improve. On a practical level, Mike also teaches you the vital stuff to knock out the bad habits you could spend years not knowing you were doing. I feel like a different person after this experience. It changes your mindset. I’ve met some amazing people and achieved something really special. Performing in The Comedy Store is such an honour, and something I’ll never forget. Don’t listen to the naysayers... Comedy can definitely be taught, and Mike’s the guy to teach it! Thanks for everything, Mike. I’ll take your lessons with me, and try not to let you down in public now! 😂read more
Indi Madray
Indi Madray
Worth every penny and then some... if you're going to do a Comedy Course do it at the heart of UK's Stand-Up... scene...the Iconic Comedy Store with Mike Gunn. ( The entire staff team were so kind n supportive throughout my time there(. Mike is a subtle genius and a Master of Stand-up, who took 11 "Average" people and turned us all into Stand-up Artists in 6 weeks. All his tips and advice paid off in the Final Showcase as we played to a nearly packed audience 😱, but the feedback from my hardcore freinds /family, was thrilling coz they don't give praise easily. An added bonus, Mike MC'd the Show and his entire performance was a privellige to watch AND an Education in exactly how Stand-up is done. If you can, then learn from the best...i feel like I've Thrown myself i in at the deep end but i definitely left the Comedy Store feeling ready to go for it on the Comedy Scene, thanks to Mike Gunn and the lovely staff at the Comedy Store !!!read more
Rupert Cade
Rupert Cade
I’ve just finished Mike’s Beginners Comedy Course. It was fantastic, to go from having less than no clue to... performing to over 170 people at the Comedy Store was an experience I will never forget. Naturally nervous at the start, Mike throws you straight in so that being on stage becomes second nature. After a number of exercises over the first couple of weeks you quickly progress to doing your own material. For me this was where Mike’s experience really shone. Swap this word for this, switch the order around like this etc made all the difference when it came to our performances. Listening to his feedback to the others on the course was as valuable as my direct feedback. Since the performance I’ve had numerous comments saying the standard was way better than people expected and actually better than some comedy people have paid to see. Yes, we all put some effort in but really this is testament to Mike. I had no interest in pursuing comedy after the course but did it as I felt it would be a great thing to have done and for personal development. It was so good I might just brave the stage again. On top of that I have also made some lovely new friends. I couldn’t recommend the course more, no matter your motivations. I also think it represents amazing value for money. And if the course isn’t for you make sure you go and see Mike live. He is a very funny man. Thank you more
Karl Wheeldon
Karl Wheeldon
A brilliant set at Ashby funhouse comedy club 🤣🤣🤣😂😂👍👍
Claire Bear
Claire Bear
What a legend, Mike encouraged and supported the whole group and helped us each find our individual funny, with comic... wisdom and sound advice couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you Mike 😂read more
Sam Midwood
Sam Midwood
Trained me to perform a stand up routine and was very supportive and gave great feedback to help put on the best set I... could do. Cheers Mikeread more
Barbara Pamela
Barbara Pamela
Mike tells it how it is. However, he always has sound advice and detailed suggestions how to improve your act. Great... teacher! Thank you for your honesty and guidance! 😀read more
Amanda Ritchie
Amanda Ritchie
Mike is a great teacher. His experience and knowledge of comedy is exceptional. His ability to put his students at ease... with honest and constructive feedback is spot on. And his absolutely hilarious.. love working with his more
Amrit Depala
Amrit Depala
Very direct and blunt but that's exactly what we all needed👍🏽 Thanks Mike🙏🏾
Sam Ford
Sam Ford
Fantastic teacher. Just the right combination of brutal honesty and kind encouragement!
Alex Gane
Alex Gane
Great comic, great teacher. Bags of experience and advice. Thank you
Emma Mean
Emma Mean
This year I took part in Mike Gunn’s Beginner’s Comedy Course at the Comedy Store, London and it was genuinely one... of the best experiences I’ve had. Mike gets you up on stage and performing straight away which might sound daunting but there really is no better way to get going. You start with basic skills and techniques (which seem simple when you know them but could take a long time to work out on your own) and build up to writing and performing your own material. Mike creates a very supportive environment that allows you to try things out and gives detailed, constructive feedback to help you craft your 5 minute set. If stand-up is something you’ve always fancied having a go at, I can’t think of a better way to start than with such an awesome a teacher as more
Kev Thomas
Kev Thomas
From the very small amount of clips of his, We cannot wait until we see a full show live.
Coby Bull
Coby Bull
Just completed Mike Gunn’s comedy class. What an amazing experience! During the six week course at the world famous... comedy store Mike showed us how to structure and then deliver the perfect set. An incredible experience working with the funniest comedian in the business, highly recommendedread more
Neil Strangward
Neil Strangward
I’ve just completed Beginners’ Comedy Course with Mike Gunn. It was six Sundays of learning stand up from the great... @MikeGunn1 which culminated in a group performance at the iconic Comedy Store in London on 24 February. Mike Gunn is a brilliant comedian. He’s a regular at the Comedy Store, has appeared on Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Live At The Apollo and much more. His vast experience is used in his ‘just get up and do it’ style of teaching. None of us had done a minute of stand up before. But we all went out with the confidence and skills Mike gave us and put on a hell of a show to a packed Comedy Store. I’m still buzzing from the experience Personally I’ve been bitten by the bug and intend to do some open mic shows. But the course is well worth it as an end in itself. Neil Strangwardread more
Hutchinson Michelle
Hutchinson Michelle
His deadpan wit and timing are spot on.
Karen Preece
Karen Preece
extremely funny guy just love him xxx
M Gunn Person
M Gunn Person
Best comedian in the world ever.
Jannie Jack
Jannie Jack
Always a great headliner ..wonderful stage presence and quality gags. One of the best.
David Hadingham
David Hadingham
Mike is real funny, he tells it like it is!
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Increases your stage presence tenfold

Mikes undeniable expertise and charisma make you feel at ease instantly. He encourages you to get up on stage straight away which increases your stage presence tenfold. Comedy Store – ‘a serious night out.’ If you take the course seriously, there is a chance others will too, as it’s great for your experience and comedy portfolio. If you’re doing it to try something new, a confidence boost etc. It’s an unforgettable experience that not many can say they’ve done! As soon as I saw Mike was running the course and the showcase was at The Comedy Store, it was a… Read more “Increases your stage presence tenfold”

Tiffany Trethowan

and he cures cancer

Just completed an 8 week stand up course and performance night with Mike for Cancer Research UK. I was massively nervous about taking on the challenge and Mike was really good at putting people at their ease and giving us really useful practical tips and techniques for delivering a professional looking act. For this Cancer Research UK project he worked with a massive group and was really good at giving everyone the support and feedback they needed. He helped us all to find our individual voice and comedy persona and gave us some really good pointers for developing new gags… Read more “and he cures cancer”

Steven Gauge

Had a blast

Hadn’t performed before. 6 great weeks and then got to perform on stage at the comedy store! One of the best days of my life. Mike gives great advice, listen to him and you will up your comedy game, whatever level you are.

Dan Morris

Awesome course by a great teacher.

It’s been eight years since I have got on stage, and this course and Mike helped invigorate my enthusiasm and my act. Truly a master at what he does in a warm and cofident manner which makes you confortable but able to take note and take in all his advice. He makes it look it easy.

Danny Banks

A fantastic experience

Before I started this course I arrogantly thought to myself ‘you can’t teach comedy’. Weeks of practicing, feedback and tips later I performed to an audience of 300 people laughing. More importantly, I performed with a different opinion, comedy had been taught. Mike can explain why a joke is funny, isn’t funny and will suggest different angles for you to try for next weeks practice. I learned new techniques for writing and discovered a voice I wanted for my comedy. Mike possesses what I consider the most valuable traits for what makes the ideal teacher. He’s knowledgable, has a passion… Read more “A fantastic experience”

Mark J Winter

Fantastic course 10/10

Mike Gunn’s Comedy Course is highly recommended, you will not be disappointed. Great teacher, great guy and great stand up comic. Do not think about booking, just do it. Don’t delay.

Robert Stanger Aka Camo man

Highest recommendation

Mike is a fantastic teacher and got every single one of us ready to take the stage in a matter of weeks. If you’ve always been thinking about doing it, theres no better way to get onto the open mic circuit than taking this course.

Roei Samuel

What a buzz!

Having just completed this course, I am still on a high, I wanna sign up immediately for the next one. If only my school teachers had taught using comedy, I might have learned a lot more. Mike Gunn is a comedy legend, and he was super generous with his time too, this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had, forget bungee jumping, try doing a 5 minute stand up set to end the course, the most exhilarating thing ever. Mike is brutally honest and you’ll get a real insight to the comedy world. I just wanted to feel… Read more “What a buzz!”

Ros Hale

Best thing I’ve done with my life

Mike has become like a second father to me, in so much as I only see him for a few hours on a Sunday. Unlike my dad Mike turns up sober and dispences good advice. It’s brilliant watching this master at work, and learning a craft that all to many other courses seem to rush through.
Mike gets you up on stage and learning the ropes straight away, and gives you an appreceation of Stand up that I never had before.

Tom Pike

All round Top Bloke

Really is a great 8 weeks; gets you on stage from the get-go, tweaks and tweaks and has you absolutely ready to go for the final show – which is just an unreal experience! Mike’s approach is ideal; he’s dishes out advise exactly when needed and most impressive of all somehow manages to get his teachings across to everyone; even the more “challenging” members of the group. Of which most are. Would highly recommend both Mike and the course. Brilliant experience.

sam fretten

Brilliant adventure for newcomers to comedy circuit

I’ve tremendously benefitted from Mike Gunn’s wisdom and learning from him to make my jokes punchier. Mike is very personable and quick to realise what is your essential detail that you need to work on, both with comedy material and stage presence. He makes hard work fun which was most important for me. He makes great effort to offer constructive feedback, honest and transparent, on every relevant detail from your performance which is so valuable. Thank you, Mike, for this fabulous course. After one year in comedy I finally feel settled and confident in my own skills as a comedian.

Gordana Micic

learning from the best!

Mike is a fantastic comedian and a brilliant teacher – he gives great advice, pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, and instills confidence in even the most nervous of performers! No matter what your levels of experience and confidence, Mike will be able to help you refine your material and bring out the best in your set. Couldn’t recommend his course highly enough! Thanks for a fantastic eight weeks.

Jenn Perry

Great teacher and a legend

Mike is a great teacher and will be completely honest with you if you are shite but will do it in a completely supportive way and get you to build your confidence to be able to preform! Highly recommend him?

Ben Lerigo

Great course!

Great course with a great teacher. Gave very direct with feedback which is what you need. Created a very relaxed environment which is perfect for newbies. Would definitely recommend

Merry Martyn

Mike is just amazing

I went on an Ultra course he taught, and with him being one of the best stand-ups in the country I assumed I’d be onto a winner. I was not disappointed, this guy is the most nurturing man I’ve ever met. And he’s funny as hell too.

Terry Crisp

Thoroughly enjoyable

Completed a comedy course with Mike and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Mike’s blend of skills, experience and down to earth nature helped the whole group find their style and absolutely smash the event itself and it was a great night out for my friends that came along. As well as doing the course for myself and helping me gain confidence on stage as a comedian it has introduced me to a fantastic group of people that were my fellow students of whom I am very grateful to have met. If you’re reading this sitting on the… Read more “Thoroughly enjoyable”

Ross Norman

10/10 would definitely recommend

I took a comedy course with Mike as the teacher and ended up performing a set in front of 200 odd people!! Mike taught me everything I didn’t know that I didn’t know about comedy. He breaks it down into ways you can easily understand and his teaching methods helped every single person on the course…no comedian left behind. Also always willing to listen to any concerns you might have and give you some one on one advice before and after class. 10/10 would definitely recommend

Conrad Wilson

Thoroughly recommend working with him

Mike has been a phenomenal teacher of comedy. Obviously passionate about what he does, it’s no exaggeration to say he can turn you from complete novice to having the confidence to kick in and perform in front of a room of people. I think for sure he was at his most helpful when being to explain (without being a dick haha ?) why a joke wasn’t working and what you can do to switch it up which brought a whole new perspective. Would thoroughly recommend working with him!

Craig Butler

Extensive experience in comedy

Having not ever done any stand up before, Mike has helped me and the rest of us, gain the confidence to stand up in front of a bunch of strangers and speak our mind. The personal, constructive notes he gives will help you get better and better. His extensive experience in comedy becomes apparent as soon as he starts teaching. Whether you’re dyslexic, autistic or whether you reckon you just have nothing to say, Mike’s got ya back. Thanks Mike!! x

Marco Ting

Best thing I have ever done

I completed Mike’s 8 week comedy course and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. I have never been on stage or performed in my life, and after 8 weeks I performed a full set I had written myself in front of 350+ people at the Backyard Comedy Club. It is also worth taking into account I had to miss 2 sessions, so within 6 weeks Mike took me from a bumbling mess to a stand up comic. He is not about theory or telling you what to do – the best thing he did… Read more “Best thing I have ever done”

Will Slack

He’s a legend

It’s no easy feat to try your hand at stand up, no matter how funny you think you may be. Deciding to put yourself out there can be daunting but Mike provides an encouraging, challenging & fun environment to figure out what is funny, makes you funny and hone it all into an act. He helps you find your unique voice and get you match fit for performance. If you’re scared about giving it a go, I can’t recommend Mike’s course highly enough – he’s a legend!

Sarah Taylor

Can’t recommend enough

It was great to get the benefit of Mike’s experience. He was patient, very informative and I learned a lot. It’s a testament to Mike’s teaching that everyone from our course performed to the best of their ability at the final performance despite us all being a bag of nerves just a week or so earlier. Can’t recommend enough.

Hywel Roberts

Life changing and fun!

When I started the course I honestly didn’t think I’d be funny or confident. Mike’s patient and open teaching style gave structure and understanding to the enigma of stand-up! Life changing and fun! Thanks Mike x

Bailey Johnson

Amazing teacher

Mike is an amazing teacher! I never thought I’d be able to step out onto that stage, but by the end I was confident and ready for stand up!!

Daniel Pike

A true master in the business

You will learn invaluable techniques from a true master in the business…

Gino Gattsby